April 5, 2008


My fat quarter material has been mailed. Now we wait to see what the results will be. My partner has had a death in the family, so it may take a little longer to see the results. Once she has sent or posted pics I will share them with you. My partner loves pirates so I sent her the material shown above. I bought some of this material a few weeks back and knew this was the one my partner had to have too. I plan to make a fun apron out of my pirate material. I went and purchased some black and white skulls as a coordinating fabric. For the pockets, I plan to put a red "X" on each one for X marks the spot. Fun huh? Now I just have to make the time to make it. Off to craft!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. soooooooooo cute.
    They have a ton of really cute pirate fabric at Hancock's right now too.
    I love all the bright colors.


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