April 28, 2008

Book Suggestions Needed

My husband and I recently joined Paperback Swap. If you are a avid reader and don't mind swapping books, this is the club for you. There is no membership fee! You sign up and once you post 10 books, you get two credits free. How it works: You post books that you have and that you do not mind giving away. Someone will request one of your books and you mail it to them for about 2.50. Then once they receive the book, you get a credit. One credit will get one book. I have quite a wish list that I have built waiting for craft books to appear, but if you like fiction and non-fiction - this isn't a bad place to go. Take a look!
I have posted and swapped several books already but cannot find any books that I enjoy! Can you offer me any suggestions on books and authors? Rather than list all the authors I love and have read, let's just make it a free for all. I am in some desperate need of some books. I am fortunate enough to be able to read at work, but that also means I am clearing through books SO FAST. Thanks for your help.
TOPICS I LIKE: Mystery, Suspense, Romance, CHICK LIT!!!, some non-fiction, feminist or women literature, and craft books - of course!!
DO NOT LIKE: Science Fiction (But I do like books about witches, vampires, or ghosts), History, westerns, real life stories
If a book falls into my dislike category, but you feel I would like it, I would probably give it a try at least - so leave all suggestions. I just wanted to offer you some guidance in case you asked yourself "What does she like to read??"

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  1. OK I have like a million good books, but as the kids have been on me all day and I have not had time to go up and get the list together I will just give you a couple of my favs:

    Secret Life of Bees
    Queens Fool
    Ella Minnow Pea
    The Last Jew in Spain
    The Red Tent
    Harry Potter
    all Donna Leon Books (mystery)
    Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes
    Tales of The City by Maupin
    A Year in Provence by Mayle
    most Anne Perry

    Is that too many?;)


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