April 26, 2008

Want To Do Something Green For The Planet???

***Jillytacy let me know that the measurement 7.5 x 19 is for a big sandwich bread. She said if you use Wonder Bread or something similar - you may want to make your sandwich baggie 7.5 x 15. Good luck everyone. I can't wait to start on mine.*****
I found this great revised tutorial on Life With Nature Girl. You can make your own snack reusable bags instead of baggies. I added to her tutorial and bought vinyl at my local fabric store so that I can wipe out any jelly or sauce spills on the inside. I am hoping to start making some of these packs in about a week or two. I have a couple more swaps to finish up before I can start on these great packs. I plan to make some varying sizes in hopes that we will not have to purchase anymore baggies. The tutorial length for snack packs is 7.5 x 11 and she has listed in the comments 7.5 x 19 for sandwich baggies. You can go to her blog and download the directions!Doing our part around here to make the Earth a better place for my niece!!!


  1. Thanks for posting my tutorial. I hope lots of people will try it out. Using less plastic is a good way to go green. My daughter loves her reusable pouches and I feel better about cutting down on the amount of plastic we use.
    The 7.5 x 19 inch size for sandwich bags should accommodate bigger pieces of bread. If you're a Wonder Bread sandwich eater you may want to cut that down to 7.5 X 15.

  2. This is very neat. You are finding interesting things to make.


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