April 11, 2008

Let the Clothes Making Begin!!

Much to my surprise..... my dress form arrived today. For the first time in my life - I was pleased that my dog would not stop barking this morning as I was on the computer. When I opened the door to show him that nothing was there...... well, something was there. GOOD DOG!! The delivery guy never rang the door bell. There would have been some serious smackdown action if that dress form had gone missing!!! I have assembled it and taken a picture of it. I am keep the plastic over it until I have some time to sew a cover for it. Must keep the dust off of it! Too bad I can't play with it this weekend - but next week - I am definitely playing with it! Have a great weekend everyone. Hope to post something up here again on Sunday. Get crafting!


  1. I'm jealous. Well, not really.....I'm thrilled you got your dress form! YEAH YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Weeee! I know you are excited to get this. I finished the embellishment on my swap bag tonight. I'm going to try to get it completed and sent before I leave for CA in a few weeks. I found the cutest striped canvas for the outside fab. I hope my partner likes it too. Now I gotta get those taxes in...

  3. What are you naming 'her?'


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