April 2, 2008

Bend the Rules Sewing Swap Announced!

I am getting all kinds of new partners in. This is so exciting. I still have one more partner to come in this week - either friday or monday! Now I need to start getting busy on my bag for my partner. I have a month!! Now comes the hardest part - what fabric do I choose?


  1. I'm nervous about the bag...You know, that happy nervous when you are getting ready to do something new, and then send the finished product to a stranger who appears to be very accomplished sew-er. I wish I could go shopping with you too...that was such a treat. PS, the sewing weekend sounds really nice. Would have to be May since April is crazy. I guess I should have just sent an email as this is not really a comment any longer.

  2. PS: check out this blog. Bet you could find some cute things for Kayln here. I bought the spaceman/robot & floppy bunny patterns to make for my tots.



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