April 14, 2008

Technorati Success!

Thank you to all of you who have linked to my blog from your own websites and blogs. I have been able to reach an authority ranking of 11 from technorati!! That is so great. It blows my mind every time I log into my blog and see more and more people reading my blogs. Thank you for being interested in what I like to do for fun!!! I started on the big list of sewing blogs at rank number 180 and have made my way down to 112 thanks to all of you. If you don't have your blog added on technorati, consider adding it. You can see who links to your blogs. I was even added on to a handbag blog just for blogging about making a handbag for the Bend the Rules Swap. Crazy! Thanks again and I hope the blogs continue to interest all of you!

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