April 7, 2008

Repurposing Project

I have a couple repurposing groups with deadlines this month and finally decided what I would do for all the groups. I decided since I have so many projects to work on to just do one project and count it for each group. My camera acted funny so I don't have the before picture but trust me - it was nasty. I decided to put new fabric on my ironing board. I have had some fabric for about 3 years with no idea what I wanted to do with it. I needed to recover the ironing board but the pad was just fine. I also didn't want to spend $30.00 for a new pad and cover. The final product and the fabric up close:

I love how it turned out and I LOVE pink, so it really looks like my ironing board now. I didn't spend any $ and used some fabric that needed a new home. I love it!!


  1. Very pretty! It looks perfect for your ironing board!

  2. what a neat idea.....I've got the same problem with mine....but mine does need a new pad. Maybe I can buy a pad and make a new cover like you did.......


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